Merger and Acquisition Services

Whether you are evaluating merging with another cooperative or acquiring an independent, our consultants will provide expert advice to achieve the best possible outcome. From developing your growth justification to driving alignment to integration of partners, our team can help manage all phases of your merger process.   

Merger Facilitation

  • Facilitation – Our team has collectively negotiated over 100 M&A deals including the purchase and sale of retail agronomy assets and merger transactions and facilitated over 50 mergers and partnerships in a consulting capacity. Our experts will guide you step-by-step through the entire process from partner selection to integration planning to giving your merger the best potential for a successful business combination.

  • Communications – A successful merger requires engagement of your employees, patrons and vendors. Our experts will help you create a detailed, customized communications plan and messaging that enables an effective member vote process and maintains a strong level of employee engagement, which are critical features to a successful integration.

Valuation Services

  • Business Valuation – The SAM team has collectively prepared over 200 business valuations to assist in the M&A process. The valuation process is performed using a combined income and market approach based on the projected cash flow stream of the entity and purchase prices in similar transactions. 

  • Accounting Valuation – Purchase accounting guidance requires assets and liabilities for the acquired entity to be reflected at market value. Due to the consulting team’s extensive construction consulting experience, we are uniquely positioned to assess the replacement cost of your assets to support fair market value adjustments required for your opening balance sheet.

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