College Recruitment & Internships

Our college recruiters specialize in connecting with collegiate level candidates, interviewing at colleges, networking with student clubs and partnering with agricultural groups to find the top talent for your internship programs. Our goal is to recruit students who are ready to grow and learn through best-in-class technical training, sales coaching, and professional development learning. Through this, we can best prepare students for future employment in the agricultural industry.
Our team also provides support and insight with building and supporting new or growing summer intern programs. We leverage knowledge and experience to help formulate projects and formats that are unique to your business, with the end goal to connect new grads to your career opportunities.  Along with these customizable programmatic services, we offer agronomy trainings at the beginning of each summer to provide the interns with the skills they need to have successful intern experiences.  As the program concludes, we host a wrap-up session where each intern presents on their internship and learning experiences.
Whether you’re just getting started hiring entry-level talent or you’re looking to take your program to the next level, our team is ready to connect.

To learn more about our training opportunities, please contact your respective recruiter.  Information on recruiters is found in the About Us section of the site.  


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