Employee Assessment

Employees make better choices, are more productive, and are more satisfied when they understand their individual performance goals and how they affect the whole organization. Employee assessment goes above and beyond understanding performance reviews to help supervisors set goals and coach employees to achieve the most desirable results possible.

Offerings include:

  • 360 Leader Evaluations (Multi-Rater Feedback):  A way for leaders to receive feedback on current performance, strengths, and gaps to help them prioritize developmental opportunities.  
  • Employee Engagement Surveys:  Help leaders engage employees, understand organizational perceptions, and provide critical data on strengths and weaknesses of their company.
  • Human Resources (HR) Audit:  Comprehensive alignment of current HR policies, procedures, documentation, and systems to identify needs for improvements and enhancements of the HR function.
  • Workforce Planning/Employee Retention Studies:  Help get the right people in the right place.


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