Seller Development

Creating a trusted advisor relationship at the farm gate builds long- lasting customer relationships. Developing confident and well-informed sellers is the basis to developing the trusted advisor relationship.


  • Understanding Yourself and Others: Build effective sales communication skills by understanding yourself and how others see you
  • Grower Centric Sales Training:  Understanding the foundational sales process. Participants will learn how to prepare for sales calls, uncover needs, present solutions, manage objections and close the sale.
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  • Grower Centric Application:  Applying the Grower Centric sales process to fit a specific sales initiative. With our team, your team will work together to develop the best questions, solutions and more.
  • Sales Coaching:  Observation of the sales force by a third party with the third party offering immediate feedback.

  • Grower Segmentation: Develop strategic customer focus. Aligning resources with the needs and values of your customers is the desired goal of this service.

Seller's Edge Platform

Seller's Edge is an online platform developed to give your sellers the confidence and credibility to challenge growers with smarter ways to increase yield potential and improve efficiencies.  The platform is a sales tool that combines:
  • Timely news and information through daily feeds from Farm Journal and Agri-Pulse. 
  • Relevant insights through editorials on The Trend that are delivered to your email daily.  The Trend provides timely perspectives on issues impacting your customers allowing your sellers to have a deeper dialog with producers.  
  • Skill development through short and focused videos presented by top experts: Dr. David Ash, Dr. Jaye Hamby and David Parker.  
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