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The Changing Focus of the CIO

In sum, the successful CIO needs an intimate idea of how current technology can increase the company’s sales and not just reduce costs or improve clerical productivity. - Bloomberg

The role of the CIO can be broken into three categories:

  • Run the business - CIO focus is managing well known and established services that keep the business operating.
  • Grow the business - CIO focus is to seek strategies that leverage technology to support business value-added initiatives
  • Transform the business – CIO focus is to develop longer-term strategies that help position the company for new opportunities, new markets and drive competitive differentiation

Today’s successful CIO needs to pay attention to all three categories.  CIO’s that differentiate themselves have shifted most of their focus from running the business to that of helping transform the business.

Does my co-op need a CIO?

The small- and medium-sized business market including the rapidly growing ag retail environment is seeing an increased demand for executive talent due to external threats, new customer demands and increased consolidation. However due to the cost, difficulty in rationalizing this role, and challenges recruiting in rural communities most have settled for an IT manager who plays the “run the business” role.  While these businesses continue to operate, rarely can they take technology to the level which is required to support business growth and help drive business transformation while communicating effectively with their stakeholders.  

How Land O’Lakes can help

Our Executive as a Service (EaaS) bridges the CIO gap in your organization.  Through either a part-time advisory or full-time execution engagement we can help you leverage technology to run, grow and transform your business.  Our experienced team members will help you by setting, aligning and executing the IT strategy, aligning leadership, mentoring IT, communicating with your board and establishing strategic partnerships.  If you are in need of IT leadership, contemplating a full-time CIO, or need a technology strategy then our Executive Services is your solution.


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