IT Consulting & Advisory

Technology services has a comprehensive offering of consulting services to help our members.  Through in-depth research and listening to our members, we identified key areas constraining our owners business growth. We designed our IT consulting and advisory solutions around these areas. 

IT Assessment   

At its basic level, an IT assessment will tell you what is and isn’t working and provide recommendations to make it better.  The assessment will answer.

  • How effectively does the technology support the business?
  • What risks exist in the environment?
  • How well do I align with best practices?
  • How do I benchmark against others in the industry?
  • What steps should be taken to improve the IT environment?

IT Strategy and Roadmap

The IT Strategy and Roadmap guides how technology will support the business strategy. It provides direction on business priorities, improves project and resource planning and helps business leaders understand what is required of them and the value they should expect. IT leaders will use the IT Strategy and Roadmap to facilitate investment discussions with management. The Strategy and Roadmap will reveal if your technology can or will mitigate external threats, meet current and future customer needs and deliver the value the business expects.

IT Merger and Acquisition Management

Our technology services team has experience with large scale merger integrations. As mergers accelerate in this industry, our members have leaned on our expertise to assist them through deal evaluations, integration, planning and execution. 

See what our customers say:  
I would like to thank all of you and anyone else who was involved in helping CFS with our IT platform through our merger.  Your help and involvement was extremely valuable to us. Our systems came together much faster and better than anyone would have thought.  I know you put in a lot of hours and hard work to help us. You brought great value to us and I know things would not have gone so well if we had tried to do this on our own. Again thank you very much!  I would highly endorse you to anyone going through this type of transition.                                                                         Todd Ludwig    CEO, Central Farm Services


Strategic Project Management  

Sometimes projects never seem to move forward because of resource constraints or lack of skills. Technology Services has experience to step in and drive the projects toward completion. We will establish an action plan, hold teams accountable and communicate progress. We will focus on delivering results so you can focus on managing your business.

Partner Selection

We bring years of experience and discipline to the software evaluation and selection process.  We can help gather business requirements, functional requirements and success criteria into a formal request for proposal to help you make the choice that meets your objective.

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