Web Development

ATLAS Portal 

Through the Land O’Lakes portal system, individual retailers can build their online presence in a consistent and easy to navigate process with the help of marketing and information system specialists. The system leverages widgets to help eliminate the complexity of integrating to other systems, while offering the flexibility to create a unique look and feel for your site.

The ATLAS portal leverages many pre-built widgets to reduce the effort and investment in getting your site up and running. Many of the back-end functions such as integrating with markets, news and weather, or connecting to programs such as Answer Plot
® and R7 Tool® by WinField United are already built. This allows you to focus on designing a site that best represents your brand and organization.  

Click an image below to view a few sites developed with the ATLAS Portal.  

            Mid Kansas Coop          

                Note: The site you are currently viewing was built with the ATLAS Portal.



Connecting various locations and individuals throughout your system is essential to effective team communication. The Land O’Lakes technology department is available to our members to design and implement internal communication systems linking locations and individuals through a secure intranet system.
  • Ability to send customized messages to employee groups depending on departments
  • Links to applications they have access to
  • Widgets for tools and applications that expand to full access
  • App launcher that displays app icons that SSO the customer into their HR and talent management tools
  • List of contacts and documents to support their employment and benefits needs

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